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FuzzyBunny's Musings:

the thoughts of a woman in transition

MissFuzzyBunny, formerly known as BunnyFuzzy
28 September 1961
Hi there. I'm actually most commonly known as FuzzyBunny, but that nick was already taken when my nice friend Kimberly set up a journal for me nearly 9 years ago, so I ended up as bunnyfuzzy, but now MissFuzzyBunny, to reflect the nick most people know by now from latex and fetish site boards worldwide, and less so from my dying personal site.

The Short and Sweet: I live in Denmark now, but I grew up in the midwest and spent 25 years in Boston before I moved here. Sometimes I am annoyed at things here, but I am also grateful for being here because of all the amazing people I have met in my new life.

I'm a fashion design school dropout, but I'm trying really hard to regain all the knowledge I threw away in the early 80s and put it to good use making latex clothing, which is probably my calling these days.